Cookie Policy for

I. General information

1. The website is gathering information about the users and their behavior as follows:

a) through voluntary filling out of forms

b) through storage of cookies on the end-user equipment

c) through collection of www server logs by the hosting operator „” functioning under address (hereinafter called as or Service).

2. The personal data administrator is HORTIMEX Sp. z o.o. ul. Poznańska 212, 62-510 Konin.

3. Contact to the data administrator is possible at

II. Personal data sharing

1. Data can be shared to the external parties only within legally binding regulations.

2. The operator may be obligated to share the information collected by the Service to the authorized institutions based on the legally binding requests within the scope of these requests.

III. Changes in the privacy policy

1. The Service reserves the right to change the privacy policy according to the changes in the legal regulations or in case of changes in technical conditions.

2. The current privacy policy can be found at:

IV. Cookies

1. The Service is using cookies, i.e. text files, which are stored at the end-user device.

2. The Service is using cookies as follows:

a) Permanently – cookies remain stored at the end-user device after closing down the browser (finishing a session), until manual delete or through defined period of time.

b) Session-related – cookies are temporary files, which are stored at the end-user device till leave web-page, logout or closing down browser.

3. Especially, stores cookies from the following external services:

a. Google Analytics (,

b. YouTube (

4. A user always has a possibility to remove cookies and/or block them from being stored. Every internet browser offers such settings. However, please note that this could influence some of the functionalities available on the websites of the Service or even make the use of the website impossible.